Like A Modern Day Sandy Olsson

Like a modern day Sandy Olsson-- I'm always lucky when I get the chance to take pictures of my biggest fashion inspiration. |

My favorite part of being a fashion blogger is meeting so many wonderful, inspiring creatives, and the new friendships made along the way. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met this past year and a half through my blog who have ended up becoming my good friends. One of those people who quickly become a style inspiration for me is my fabulous friend Macy. If you have been following the blog for a while, you’ll recognize Macy […]

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‘Tis The Season To Get Spooky

'Tis The Season To Get Spooky--A seasonally appropriate goth look that really be worn by anyone.|

It’s time to break out your knitted cardigans and your fuzzy sweaters, folks: fall is here. During this season, you’ll see lots of layering and heavyweight pieces that may have been hidden in the back of some fashionista’s closets. Many of you have fully made the transition from summer attire to fall but there are a few stragglers that are still clutching onto their crop tops. Listen people, it’s time to let summer go! Fall is in full swing […]

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Black And White And Chic All Over

Black And White And Chic All Over--A super chic monochromatic look that celebrates the DIY style|

Everyone needs a community where they feel that they belong, whether it’s a sports team, art collective, dance group, or even just a local music venue they visit regularly. It’s important that you have a group of people you can turn to when the rest of the world rains on your parade. Having that undying love and support can really make a world of difference when it comes to your emotional stability and drive to push on. For me, […]

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Too Punk For Summer

The end of summer is almost upon us. The hot days will soon be over, giving way to the beautifully crisp afternoons and evenings of autumn. As with the end of summer, so comes the end of a fashion cycle. Soon we will all be retiring our shortest shorts and lighter articles of clothing to don longer pieces, like flannel shirts and cozy sweaters. Some people, myself included, have many year round pieces that encompass the majority of our […]

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Cool In The Summer Time

Cool In The Summertime-- Staying cool in the summer with a cute, seasonal appropriate outfit|

Nothing has made a stronger impact on the state of pop culture this year than Pokemon Go. It has motivated so many people to move out of their comfort zones and visit many places they would have never gone a month ago. They’re meeting people they didn’t know last month, and forming friendships over a video game many people view as “silly.” Whether or not you’re into it, you cannot deny its place in pop culture history. It has […]

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Putting The Hip In Hippie

Putting The Hip In Hippie-- A hip 70's inspired look|

Trends are an important part of fashion. Whether you follow them or not, they determine what’s a hot seller and what needs to be left in the past. If you’re on top of the fashion food chain, you get a say in what makes it to every fast fashion store in America. If you’re on the bottom of the fashion food chain, however, you most likely pick up the leftovers of the trend once it becomes a thing of […]

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Pretty In Pastel

Pretty In Pastel-- An 80's inspired pastel look|

Many colors hold memories for us, and resonate throughout our entire lives. Whether these colors have a negative connotation or a positive one, you’ll never be able to look at them the same. As I mentioned in an earlier article, turquoise has a positive association with me, and is something that I closely associate with childhood. It reminds me of simpler times when I didn’t have to worry about bills, work, or having to maintain a social life with […]

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The Art of Dressing Vintage

The Art Of Dressing Vintage -- Dressing vintage is becoming a big trend! Find out how this fashionista did it right.|

Art is such an important part of my life. Whether it’s being used as a coping mechanism of sorts or just a means of making a living, I try and incorporate it into everything I do. While many people only think of the fine arts aspect of art (such as painting and sculpting), there are so many more forms of art that you may not even be aware of. Fashion is one of the biggest art forms that a […]

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From The 90’s With Love

From The 90's With Love -- An edgy and trendy take on the 90's fashion trend|

I know the joke on the internet is being a “true 90’s kid,” but the nineties’ trends and styles have a hold on the street fashion market in our current date and time. Take a moment to check out any of your preferred social media platforms, and you’ll likely find some sort of tutorial or post about a remerging nineties trend and how others are making it their own. This, I like to think, is due in part to […]

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Spring Into Summer

Spring Into Summer-- A beautiful vintage 50's inspired outfit|

*Authors Note: Because of Sunday’s tragedy, consider donating to Pulse’s Gofundme account. My heart goes out to all the members of my community that were affected. I love you all. Color is the spice of life and is a way to define many different emotions and feelings. When you’re sad, people tell you that you’re looking blue. When you’re sick, people tell you that you look a bit green. Without color, there would be no need for things like […]

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