Inspiration: Winter Is Dead

Winter Is Dead -- A spring palette for your wardrobe|

Dear spring,

I like you, I really do! You’re number three on my list of favorite seasons. Your beauty is unmatched and the fragrant aroma you carry is intoxicating. However, there is one thing you really should be aware of. You make me sick! Yeah, I said it. I wake up and go to sleep with a runny, stuffed up nose and red itchy eyes. Sometimes during the day, I even struggle to get things done (this sounds like one of those medicine commercials.)

One thing is for certain; spring’s color palette is probably the most beautiful of all the seasons. With its warm, beautiful pinks and its playful, calming blues, spring knows how to give you that much-needed pick me up from winter’s dull, monochromatic color schemes. That’s why spring ranks so high amongst so many people (me not included.) It’s a time for reinventing yourself, your wardrobe, and to do a little spring cleaning. So dust off the cobwebs and show the world what you’re made of!

Featured below is a color palette I put together for you guys as inspiration for anything from your wardrobe to maybe a logo for your site! Feel free to make your own palette from my photo.

Winter Is Dead -- A spring palette for your wardrobe|

What’s your favorite season? Do the colors of that season inspire you? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Girl, I totally get you on this! I live in Montreal, and winter lasts like 6 months here. We still get those sub zero temperatures, can you believe it, lol? Anyway, I am sure spring is coming is really soon, and so does summer:) Thanks for sharing your thoughts and have a great weekend!

    1. Honestly, I don’t think I’d mind 6 months of winter. I love the cold and really love the beautiful snow. Although I have a friend that lives in Canada that complains about the severely cold temps during winter, so actually I think I’ll stay where I’m at!
      Thank you! I hope your weekend is great as well 🙂

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