Thrifted: Being Trans In 2017

Being Trans In 2017--In 2017, the media portrays trans folk as being one specific way. They show the negative stereotypes and not the positive. We need a serious move or peoples thoughts on trans folk won't change.|

Being trans is a different experience for everyone. Some people are much more fortunate than others in many different areas. They may have a family that fully supports them and a community to speak to when things get rough. Others have to keep their true self hidden for a long time or never get the chance to share their true self. It’s unfortunate, but is a harsh reality of the world we live in today. There is a lot […]

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Thrifted: Loving Yourself In A World That Doesn’t

Loving Yourself In A World That Doesn't--Being body positive and showing self love is so important in this day and age. Be happy in the skin you've been given!|

As I was getting ready for this shoot, I wasn’t sure about this outfit. The mirror doesn’t lie and I couldn’t stand the way I looked. Pulling out my phone, I quickly googled “can a big girl wear a bodysuit?” A lot of the links were harsh critiques on the bigger body type and I really considered changing. But then I realized, you gotta stick to your guns. Who’s life is this? It’s yours! It doesn’t matter what other […]

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Thrifted: Serious Pops Of Color

Serious Pops Of Color--Not everyone is comfortable wearing color. However, you should give it a try because it can really enhance an outfit|

Before I went to college, you couldn’t even pay me to wear color. I, for whatever reason, was afraid of wearing color because I swore I looked strange in it. Maybe it was because in color, you really stood out, and that was something I didn’t really want to do. As soon as I started college, however, something inside me awoke and brought my love for color along with it. Yes, you will definitely still see me rock all […]

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Thrifted: We Ruffled A Few Feathers

We Ruffled A Few Feathers--A mixture of vintage sleepwear and current pieces, this look is sure to inspire! Plus, who doesn't love ruffles?|

Styling vintage fashion, in comparison to any other genre of fashion, is an entirely different animal. For the most part, you’re working with something that was once considered trendy and attempting to bring life back into said garment. Your purpose for this is entirely up to you. Do you just like the way it looks and want to wear it out, or is there something more to it? Do you aspire to make the garment trendy again? If your answer is the latter, […]

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Thrifted: Leather, Lace, And Plaid In Your Face

Leather, lace, and plaid in your face--This look is current and a very goth inspired look. Who doesn't love some classic plaid?|

Since I was a young child, I have had an affinity for the goth style, and other dark styles like it. I was drawn to the look because it was different, and weird runs through my blood. When I was in middle school, if you dressed goth or wore all black, you were outcast and ostracized, for no reason other than that it was considered “weird.” But that didn’t stop me from being me! I had too much fun dressing like I stepped out […]

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Thrifted: Shake Your Pom Poms

Shake Your Pom Poms--There's nothing wrong with being trendy some times! That's why trends are called trends. This outfit proves that statement|

There’s nothing wrong with getting a bit trendy every now and then. I even have a few garments in my closet which, while once not considered trendy, now are in style. That’s the beauty of fashion. One day your favorite skirt is just that. The next day it’s in all of the local retailers. You can’t avoid trends because you’ll inevitably be a part of one, whether you intended to or not. So, if you’re like me and aren’t a trendy person, embrace […]

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Thrifted: You Win Some, You Lose Some

You Win Some, You Lose Some--I think it's time we bring the sporty look to high fashion, starting in the streets.|

Activewear and sportswear are two things that you haven’t really seen thrown around in the fashion world until recently. In today’s market, however, you can walk into any major department store and see athleisure wear draped on mannequins and dress forms. Can I personally say why this is? I’m not entirely sure. But I have a feeling it’s because of our fitness-obsessed culture and our never ending pursuit of comfort. These days, you don’t have to be sporty and active to dress like you are. I constantly […]

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Thrifted: Overall Of This Weather

Overall Of This Weather--Not sure how to dress in this very unpredictable weather? That's okay neither am I! Check out this 70's inspired overall look.|

At this point, winter doesn’t even exist. There have been so many warm days that we might as well just call this pre-spring. With the warmer, unpredictable weather upon us, we are forced to crack open the spring vault and figure out what pieces to integrate into our current wardrobe. Sometimes you find a forgotten piece about which will really work; others are too warm for this unseasonable weather. All we can do is hope for better days, and for the weather to be seasonally appropriate, just like we must be. The […]

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Thrifted: Hard Rock, Soft Rock

Hard rock, soft rock--There's nothing more exciting for a winter look than a denim and fur vest mix. Can anyone say "classic rock"|

“It’s a juxtaposition between hard and soft.” “I mixed hard and soft for this look.” I’m sure you have heard these two phrases, and other variations on them, a million times. But what do these phrases mean and why does everyone keep saying it? In most cases, “mixing hard and soft” means taking two things that are stereotypically masculine (rough and aggressive to the eye) and feminine (delicate and inoffensive to the eye) and throwing the two together to create something new. It truly is one of my favorite things to do in terms […]

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Thrifted: More Layers Than An Onion

More layers than an onion--I don't think I've ever put together a more 90's grunge/gutter look than this ome.|

When the cold weather hits, layering up isn’t just an option, it’s mandatory. If you’re not fully prepared for this weather, you will most certainly be left an icicle by the frigid, devastatingly cold winds. I guess if that’s your thing, then it isn’t that big of a deal. Personally, though, I like to be able to move all of my body parts without them falling off. So this winter, while planning your outfits, don’t follow the usual “less is more rule.” More is always more in this […]

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